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Bienvenue chez Total Salon Supplies

Devoted Creations White2Bronze Summer Skin Hydrating Natural Bronzing Butter 215ml

Prix d'origine £16.95 - Prix d'origine £16.95
Prix d'origine
£16.95 - £16.95
Prix actuel £16.95
  • NATURAL BRONZING: White 2 Bronzer summer gives you a smooth and even tan without any streaks. This bronzer is specifically designed to give you a natural bronzed appearance without the risk of uneven colouration. The white 2 Bronzer summer is excellent for those who want very natural-looking tanning without using tanning products.
  • ADDED HYDRATION: Infused with coconut oil and Cupucau butter, this bronzing butter moisturizes your skin leaving your skin glowing and soft. This butter melts into your skin with each application giving you a natural tanning look and radiant skin. Achieve a beautiful sun-kissed glow with our Devoted White 2 Bronzer butter.
  • SMELL LIKE BEACH BERRY: Infused with the delightful beach berry scent, this tanning butter makes you smell like a beach girl. When you apply this luxurious bronzing butter, you will be captivated by the revitalizing fragrance of Devoted Creations bronzing butter which instantly uplifts your mood.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN:  The devoted bronzing butter gives you a natural bronzing look no matter what type of skin you have. The luxurious formula is suitable for all skin types whether oily, dry or combination. The bronzing lotion is the path to achieving a flawless tan despite the skin type you have.
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR: Whether you want to indulge yourself in soaking up the sun outside or enjoying the comfort of the tanning bed, white 2 bronzer summer butter is a perfect choice for both indoor artificial rays and outdoor natural sunlight tanning. 



  • Brand: Devoted Creations
  • Condition: New
  • Body Area: Full Body
  • Formulation: Butter
  • Department: Unisex
  • Volume: 215ml



  • 1x Bronzing Butter 215ml.

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