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Bienvenue chez Total Salon Supplies

Babyliss Pro Snap FX Cordless Hair Trimmer WithDual Lithium Battery System

Prix d'origine £79.99 - Prix d'origine £79.99
Prix d'origine
£79.99 - £79.99
Prix actuel £79.99
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: Designed with a knurled barbell grip, our portable trimmer enhances performance by providing a secure hold. This ensures the trimmer remains stable in your hand, even during extended trimming sessions, thus minimizing the risk of slippage and allowing for precise control.
  • DUAL BATTERY: Our SNAPFX trimmer comes with two lithium batteries and a charging base. You can charge both batteries at the same time or charge one while using the other. These dual lithium batteries are known for their durability and long-lasting performance.
  •  ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Our trimmer features an advanced "Black DLC Deep-Tooth 350 Degree Exposed T-Blade" designed for cutting various hair types with precision. Its deep-tooth design ensures effective trimming, while the 350-degree exposed configuration enhances visibility for detailed grooming. Additionally, the adjustable feature allows for a closer cut, perfect for achieving sharp lines and edges. Upgrade your grooming game with our Babyliss Pro Trimmer.
  • HIGH-TORQUE MOTOR: Our trimmer now features a new high-torque 7200 RPM brushless motor, enhancing its performance and efficiency. This powerful motor allows for quicker and smoother trimming, making the grooming process more efficient. With reduced friction and increased durability, the brushless motor ensures a longer lifespan for the trimmer.
  • LED RING INDICATOR: Our trimmer comes with an LED ring light indicator, showing the battery level. This helps users quickly see how much charge is left, preventing unexpected power loss during use.


  • Brand: Babyliss Pro
  • Condition: New
  • Colour: Black
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Head Type: T-Blade
  • Features: Cordless, Hanging Hook
  • Model: SnapFX
  • Number of Heads: 1
  • Department: Men


  • 1x Trimmer
  • 1x Dual Battery Charging Stand
  • 1x Detent Hanging Hooks
  • 1x Screw Driver
  • 1x Blade Guard
  • 2x Lithium Batteries

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