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Welcome to Total Salon Supplies
Welcome to Total Salon Supplies

Devoted Creations Crush on Color Tanning Lotion Radiant Glow Black Charcoal Bronzer 250 ML

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  • LONG-LASTING TAN: Infused with special colouring agents, this tanning lotion guarantees a long-lasting bronzed glow. Even when your tan hits a plateau and stops deepening, Crush on Color restarts the process, ensuring your sun-kissed look stays longer.
  • GOLDEN GLOW: Infused with caramel extracts, this bronzing lotion gives you more than just a tan by providing a radiant, golden glow. Say hello to luminous, sun-kissed skin that makes you stand out in the crowd.
  • ABSORBS QUICKLY: Due to its lightweight formula, this tanning lotion absorbs instantly into your skin, leaving behind no heavy or sticky residue. This tanning lotion is easy to apply, leaving your skin soft, evenly tanned, and ready to show off your summer glow.
  • SMELL LIKE BLACKBERRY BLAST: Infused with the delightful scent of ripe blackberries. This tanning lotion not only leaves you with a gorgeous tan but also surrounds you with a sweet and tangy fragrance that instantly lifts your mood.
  • IDEAL FOR SUMMER: Infused with black Charcol devoted tanning lotion keeps your skin feeling fresh and revitalized, protecting it from the effects of heat and humidity. Plus, its antibacterial properties help maintain clear and healthy-looking skin all season long.


  • Brand: Devoted Creations 
  • Condition: New 
  • Body Area: Full Body 
  • Department: Unisex 
  • Volume: 250ml 
  • Fragrance: Blackberry Blast 
  • Product Benefits: Hydrating, Smoothening 
  • Skin Type: All 
  • Use: Indoor/Outdoor tanning


  • 1x Bronzer 250ml. 

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