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Welcome to Total Salon Supplies

Babyliss 5336U Hair Dryer Elegance 2100 Ionic Frizz Free - Fast Drying

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  • ADVANCED AIRFLOW TECHNOLOGY: The 2100W hairdryer boasts advanced airflow technology, enabling it to deliver ultra-quick drying results. This means that even those with thicker hair can enjoy a swift and efficient drying process, saving valuable time and effort. Bid farewell to long hours spent waiting for your hair to dry and embrace the convenience of this powerful hairdryer.
  • FRIZZ TAMING IONIC: Say goodbye to unruly frizz and hello to sleek, glossy hair. The frizz-taming ionic system integrated into this hairdryer works wonders in smoothing frizz and boosting shine as you dry your hair. The negative ions produced by the ionic system help to neutralize static electricity, resulting in hair that is not only frizz-free but also beautifully shiny. Prepare to be amazed by the transformative effects of this hairdryer on your hair's overall appearance.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Achieving smooth and lustrous hair is made easier with the heat-balancing ceramic technology featured in this hairdryer. The ceramic components distribute heat evenly, minimizing the risk of hot spots that can damage your hair. This technology not only ensures that your hair is dried quickly but also provides a soothing effect, leaving your locks looking effortlessly sleek and shiny.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Nobody wants to feel weighed down while drying their hair. That's why the 2100W hairdryer is designed with a lightweight body, ensuring a comfortable drying experience. Whether you have long or short hair, the lightweight design allows for effortless manoeuvrability, reducing strain on your arm and wrist. Enjoy the freedom to style your hair without any discomfort or fatigue.
  • CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY: With the additional advantages of heat-balancing ceramic technology, this hairdryer ensures better outcomes every time. With the help of this outstanding hairdryer, say goodbye to frizz and say hello to effortlessly gorgeous hair.


  • Product Type: Hair Dryer
  • Brand: Babyliss
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Colour: Rose Gold
  • Wattage: 2100 Watts
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Features: Frizz Control, Blanaced Heat
  • 3 heat/2-speed settings plus a cool shot
  • Lightweight for comfortable handling


  • 1 x Babyliss 2100W Hair Dryer - Rose Gold

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