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Welcome to Total Salon Supplies
Welcome to Total Salon Supplies

Tanovations Bali Beach Tanning Lotion Coconut Infused Black Bronzer

Ursprünglicher Preis £17.50 - Ursprünglicher Preis £17.50
Ursprünglicher Preis
£17.50 - £17.50
Aktueller Preis £17.50


  • Bali Beach is your tropical 10-minute vacation to paradise! Lay back, relax and daydream of beach tides and good vibes with this coconut-infused tan accelerator.
  • This fruit and nut-enhanced, double-dark stimulating bronzer will give you straight from the island colour after every session. If you have sunshine on your mind then take a Bali break and don't worry, beach happy!
  • Super dark DHA bronzers impart instant and delayed bronzing results to the skin for that off-the-beach colour.
  • Jackfruit & Guava Extracts - Rich in antioxidants that help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing a glowing complexion.
  • Macadamia Nut & Coconut Oils - Nourish, soften, and replenish skin for extreme moisture. Stimulates melanin activity to allow for longer-lasting, darker tanning results.


  • 1 x Tanovations Self Tanning Bronzer Balck

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