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Welcome to Total Salon Supplies
Welcome to Total Salon Supplies

Australian Bodycare Anti Itch Spray Tea Tree Oil - 100ml

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£6.50 - £6.50
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  • Use Anti Itch Spray, an itch-relieving spray containing Tea Tree Oil that calms and relieves irritated and stinging skin, to stop itching. The cooling and soothing effects of the anti-itch spray are felt immediately on itching skin.

  • Anti-itch spray is suitable for use on the entire body, including the face. We advise you to use your hands to apply it on your face. We advise against spraying straight into your face because it's crucial the substance doesn't go in your eyes.

  • Anti-Itch Spray can be used to treat itching and irritation caused by a range of conditions, including chicken pox, skin rashes, and any of the other conditions mentioned above.

  • Anti-Itch Spray is dermatologically approved and suitable for all skin types. The spray is lightweight and portable, and it may be used as much as necessary during the day.

  • Shake the container before applying to the infected region. To achieve absorption, you may also spread it over the skin and let it dry naturally.

What’s Included:

One Australian Bodycare Anti Itch Spray 

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