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Welcome to Total Salon Supplies
Welcome to Total Salon Supplies

Power Tan Tanning Lotion Non Stop Black Hybrid Tingle Gel - 250ml

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Non-Stop Black is a completely new ground-breaking 24-HOUR range of Hybrid accelerator lotions, that will not only tan you on the days you visit the tanning salon but will also keep tanning you… Even on the days you don't tan!!! Non-Stop Black Tingle is a tinted translucent gelee formula which absorbs effortlessly into your skin and disappear without any trace of stickiness or residue. Contains a tingle stimulating complex to increase micro-circulation and deliver a instantaneous warm glow to your skin.


  • 24-Hour Accelerator
  • DHA Free
  • Contains Algotan-P
  • Blush tingle stimulating complex
  • Tinted Gelee
  • Fresh Peach Fragrance

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