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Welcome to Total Salon Supplies
Welcome to Total Salon Supplies

Gelluv Salon Nails Liquid Pump Dispenser Bottle

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  • The container has a pump dispenser that helps to easily extract the nail remover without any mess or spills. This makes it easier to use and prevents any waste or spillage.
  • This container is made of high-quality material that is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for repeated use. This refillable cosmetic bottle has an opening and is easy to refill; suitable for liquids.
  • Simply place a cotton pad or cleansing cotton on top of the bottle, press the cap, and then the liquid will rise to the surface of the cotton pad and be absorbed. No need to pour the bottle, convenient to use and prevents leakage and saves cosmetics.
  • Perfect for travel, vacation or on business trips. The transparent material makes it easy to see the amount of liquid remaining in the bottle.
  • Suitable for nail polish remover, makeup remover, and low-density oil, also could well comply with cotton, cotton swabs, cotton balls, cotton pads, etc.


  • 1 x Gelluv Liquid Pump Dispenser Bottle

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