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Welcome to Total Salon Supplies

Devoted Creations H.I.M Titanium Tanning Lotion Protecting Bronzer

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  • HIM Titanium Bronzer ™ is designed for men's skin. Devoted Creations H.I.M. Titanium Bronzer will assist you in making your tan as robust as titanium so that fading can't merely scrape the surface and rob you of your color.
  • The bronzer, designed specifically for males, has a low amount of melanin boosters that assist to maintain tanning effects vivid with each session. DHA is incorporated to improve the color, and the SunXtend compound helps you avoid repeated tanning sessions.
  • Dedicated Creations H.I.M. Titanium Bronzer is made up of a variety of skin care products chosen for their ability to satisfy the demands of men's skin.
  • To reduce the appearance of wrinkles caused by aging or tanning, the bronzer contains Matrixyl Synthe 6 and vitamin C, both of which assist to produce collagen fibers in the skin.
  • Lychee and avocado extracts hydrate and smooth the skin while combating post-tanning redness. It adds moisture to the skin, keeping it smooth and supple while also assisting with hydration.


Devoted Creations  H.I.M Titanium Colour Fade Protecting Bronzer - 251ml

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