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Dark Stag Barbers Cut Throat Razor High Carbon Shaving Razor

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Dark Stag Cut Throat Razor

The Dark Stag Cut Throat Razor is the perfect tool for an old school close shave. The handle is made in hand carved, high quality willow, whilst the superbly hand crafted high carbon steel rounded blade edge is hollow ground, polished and read to shave.


The Cut Throat Razor captures the heart of traditional shaving, whilst utilising the benefits of modern razor construction. The high carbon steel has been perfectly forged to create the perfect blade, specifically for your razor. The hand crafted blade edge is 1/2 hollow ground, meaning the blade is concave, coming to a point, and ultra-sharp. A hollow-ground blade flexes more easily and provides more feedback on the resistance the blade meets while cutting the hair, which is an indicator of blade sharpness. Hollow-ground blades are preferred by most barbers and home users. When combined with a rounded edge, which lacks any sharp end points, it makes for a far more forgiving blade.

The scales of the Cut Throat Razor have been hand carved in beautiful, rich willow. This makes the tool lightweight, yet durable, perfect for every day use. They have been coated in a lacquer, then coated in oil to seal the wood, preventing moisture from penetrating it and causing rot. This extends the life of your razor. The scale is of course individual to each razor as different cuts of wood have different grains, making each razor distinctly unique! The thumb rest is specially moulded to make sure that comfort remains high whilst using it. The gentle curve behind the thumb rest ensures there are no accidental slips during use.

The Dark Stag Cut Throat Razor is the closest thing to a classic shave since the 18th century barber visit. Ensure you or your customers enjoy the elegance and heritage this razor carries with it.

A few passes on the Dark Stag Buffalo Leather Stop are all you need between shaves to ensure a perfect smooth glide.

Occasionally the razor will need to be professionally sharpened or perhaps you may develop your own skills with a whetstone.

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