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Welcome to Total Salon Supplies

Dark Stag Barber Shaving Bowl For Wet Shaving

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Shaving Bowl

The Dark Stag stainless steel shaving bowl is the perfect tool for whipping up a rich lather for wet shaving.


The bowl has been specially designed to maximise the use of your shaving soap, so that you can get the perfect lather with minimal soap use. The metal composition also means that it absorbs and retains heat easily, meaning you get the warm lather you desire. Warm lather is key to amplifying your shaving experience.

The flat base provides perfect stability, and the bowl is hand sized for ease of handling.  A perfect partner to the Dark Stag Shaving Brush.

But why should you use a shaving bowl instead of your hand or applying the soap directly to your face? Well there’s lots of positives:

Water control: The secret to a creamy lather is the amount of moisture added. A bowl will give you a lot of control over your lathers richness due to its captive environment.

No mess: Lathering in a bowl keeps your bathroom cleaner, and soap off your hands.

Brush: A bowl gives you somewhere to rest your brush in between passes.

Lather: Not only does a bowl enable you to build the perfect lather, you don’t have to repeat the process in between passes. Once your lather is created, it’s there and ready to rock and roll whenever you need it.

Cleaning: It’s super easy to give your bowl a quick rinse along with your brush after shaving. And the stainless steel of our shaving bowl means you don’t need to worry about rust!

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