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Welcome to Total Salon Supplies

Ardell Eyebrows Tint Kit Pro Brows Dark Brown - 12 Application

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  • SALON QUALITY TREATMENT AT HOME: With the Ardell Eyebrows Tint Kit, you no longer need to spend a fortune at the salon to get the perfect brows. This kit provides you with all the necessary tools and high-quality products to achieve professional results. The tint is formulated to deliver a rich and natural-looking colour that will enhance your brows without appearing artificial. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to achieve salon-quality treatment right at home.
  • ON-THE-GO BROWS: Whether you're travelling or simply on the move, the Ardell Eyebrows Tint Kit is the perfect companion for maintaining flawless brows. The compact packaging allows for easy portability, so you can touch up your brows whenever and wherever you need to. Never worry about unruly or faded brows again ‚œ this kit ensures that your eyebrows are always on point, no matter where you are.
  • LONG LASTING: One of the key benefits of the Ardell Eyebrows Tint Kit is its long-lasting results. The tint is formulated to adhere to brow hairs for an extended period, ensuring that your tinted brows remain vibrant and defined. Enjoy 2 weeks of beautifully tinted brows without the need for frequent touch-ups or salon visits.
  • EFFORTLESS APPLICATION: The Ardell Eyebrows Tint Kit is an effortless application process. This kit is designed to make brow tinting a breeze, even for beginners. The gentle powder and developer formulation ensures a smooth and easy application process, allowing you to effortlessly create full and defined brows with precision.
  • REUSEBALE TOOLS: The Ardell Eyebrows Tint Kit includes reusable tools that provide convenience and value for money. The kit features a specially designed applicator brush and mixing dish that can be easily cleaned and reused for future applications. 


  • Brand: Ardell
  • Type: Eyebrows Tint Kit
  • Features: Long Lasting, Easy to Use, High Quality
  • Colour: Dark Brown


  • 1 x Powder tint 8.5 g
  • 1 x Conditioning developer 30ml
  • 1 x Reusable plastic tray
  • 1 x Reusable spoolie
  • 1 x Reusable spatula 

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