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Welcome to Total Salon Supplies

Ardell Double Individual Faux Eyelashes Cluster False Knot Free Flares Lashes

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  • DOUBLE INDIVIDUAL CLUSTER: Double individual faux eyelashes are a popular choice among beauty enthusiasts for their unique characteristics. Ardell's Double Individual faux eyelashes feature 20 strands of hair per cluster, providing a fuller and more voluminous look. Unlike strip lashes, these individual clusters allow for a more customized application, giving you the freedom to create a look that best suits your preferences.
  • KNOT-FREE FLARES: Ardell double individual faux eyelashes are known for their knot-free flare design. This ensures a seamless and natural blending with your lashes, giving you a flawless and undetectable look. Say goodbye to the discomfort and irritation that can come with traditional knot lashes and embrace the lightweight and comfortable feel of these knot-free flare lashes.
  • EMBRACE YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY: One of the key advantages of Ardell double individual faux eyelashes is their ability to enhance your natural features. These lashes blend seamlessly with your lashes, giving you a subtle and natural look that you can feel confident and comfortable with. 
  • EASY AND QUICK APPLICATION: Creating the perfect eye makeup look shouldn't be a time-consuming task. With Ardell double individual faux eyelashes, you can achieve your desired look in minutes. The individual clusters make the application process a breeze, allowing you to place them precisely where you want them. Whether you're going for a bold, full-lash look or a more subtle enhancement, these lashes make it easy to achieve your desired style.
  • CUSTOMISE ACCORDING WHAT YOU NEED: Every person has their preferences when it comes to eyelash styles. Ardell double individual faux eyelashes offer a wide range of customization options, allowing you to experiment and create the look that suits you best. Whether you want to add an extra hint of lashes for a fuller look or go all out with bold and voluminous lashes, the choice is yours. 


  • Brand: Ardell
  • Type: Fuax Eyelashes
  • Features: Knot Free, Long, Thick, Easy to Apply
  • Length: Short, Medium, Long
  • Effect: Natural
  • Colour: Black


  • Before applying Individual lashes, thoroughly clean your natural lashes and eyelids before application.
  • Gently remove lashes from the tray using tweezers.
  • Apply a drop of adhesive onto a piece of foil.
  • Dip the base of the individual lash into the adhesive.
  • Pace over the natural lash as close to the lash line without touching the eyelid.
  • Apply as many or as little individual lashes as you require to suit your style.


  • Avoid rubbing your eyes with a harsh towel.
  • Never pull or tug at lashes as this may cause loss of your natural lashes.


  • 1 x Ardell Double Individual Natural False Eyelashes

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