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Welcome to Total Salon Supplies

2x Babyliss Pro Replacement Blades Super Motor Steel Beard Trimmer - 30/40mm

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  • SUPER MOTOR REPLACEMENT BLADE: The super motor trimmer replacement blades are designed to fit specific trimmer models and provide exceptional cutting performance. Some popular option in the market is T and U blades, known for their precision and control. Their unique shape and design allow for seamless trimming, making them a favourite among professional barbers and stylists.
  • MATERIAL: Japanese steel is well-known for its high quality, durability, and sharpness. BaByliss believes in the value of high-quality materials, which is why the super motor trimmer replacement 30/40mm T/U blades are precision-crafted from high-grade Japanese steel. This makes every cut clean, accurate, and effortless. 
  • ZERO GAP: One of the standout features of the super motor trimmer replacement blades is their zero-gap adjustment capability. This means that users can fine-tune the closeness of the blades to achieve the desired cutting length. The ability to adjust the gap ensures maximum control and precision, enabling barbers and stylists to create intricate designs and achieve impeccable fades.
  • EXTRA WIDE BLADE: The super motor trimmer replacement blades go beyond the standard blade width. With its extra wide 40mm and 30mm blades, it enables professionals to cover more area in a single stroke. This not only saves time but also ensures a smooth and consistent cut. The wider blades are particularly beneficial when working on larger sections of hair or when tackling thick, coarse textures.
  • VERSATILE USES: The super motor trimmer replacement extra wide blades give great results on all hair types, whether you're working with thick, or thin, delicate strands. Because of its precise cutting skills, it is appropriate for a wide range of styles, from fades and tapers to defining patterns. With this blade, you can demonstrate your creativity while achieving immaculate results every time.


  • Type: Replacement Blade
  • Department: Men
  • Brand: BaByliss PRO
  • Material: Japanese Steel
  • Body Area: Face, Head
  • Features: Durable, Versatile Cuttings, Smooth Finish
  • Shape: U & T
  • Size: 30/40mm


2x BaByliss PRO Super Motor Trimmer Replacement Blades - 30/40mm

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