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Welcome to Total Salon Supplies

Australian Bodycare Body Scrub Deep Clean Lotion - 200ml

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£8.99 - £8.99
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  • Your skin will feel smooth, clean, and renewed after using this body scrub that exfoliates with broken Sandalwood Nut Shell and pure Australian Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia).

  • Australian Bodycare Body Scrub provides all the natural benefits of Tea Tree Oil. Removes impurities and helps prevent skin problems by deep cleansing.

  • This sulfate-free scrub will exfoliate while moisturising and softening the skin because it contains glycerin and allantoin. Naturally regulates the pH of the skin while softly reducing it.

  • Apply body scrub to wet skin and thoroughly massage, giving close attention to the areas that require the most care.

  • Body Scrub has passed dermatological testing and is suitable for everyday use. It contains Australian Tea Tree Oil, which is pharmaceutical-grade and entirely natural. Products made by Australian Bodycare are 100% vegan.

What’s Included:

One Australian Bodycare Body Scrub 200ml 

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